Digital Reporting – Orange Media

Orange Media Co's brand new dashboard has been designed with your ease of use in mind. All your marketing reporting is in one place, from social media to SEO, and we customise your dashboard to be specific to the verticals you need reporting for. We currently offer 59 integrations, with these expanding constantly as well as our own specific reporting tools within the dashboard bespoke to Orange. With a variety of widgets, your dashboard can show you specifically what you need it to show, rather than a generic overview fit for all clients. You receive your own logins, and we can create multiple users for your dashboard so the whole team can log in freely. Our dashboard doesn't stop at live reporting, we can set up reports directly from your dashboard to your email to give an indepth overview of each of your specific reports. If you'd like a monthly SEO report with a bi-weekly Woocommerce report from your site and weekly reports on each of your social channels, that's exactly what we can do. We build everything from the dashboard itself down to the reporting specifically for you and your business.

A survey, quiz or poll campaign can give you valuable insight into what your audience want, their pain points and what they value in a company. It is our aim to provide brands with engaging, quality social media campaigns for a variety of platforms. We build 'buzz' through client interactions, increasing likes and follows that in-turn increase market penetration, leads and site traffic.. leading to more conversions for your business.